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Digital Photo Slideshows

Like you've never seen them before. Have all your best,cherished photos made into a digital movies that you can watch time and time again. Just pop a DVD into your player and sit back and enjoy.

No more cumbersome screens and bulky projectors to set up. You will be carried away by the dynamic background sound tracks of your favorite music, from classical to inspirational, and everything in between. Just think how easy it will be to share all you memories with family and friends.

Most everyone from my generation (baby boomer) have a closet full of old pictures of the kids growing up. Problem is, that's where most of them stay. The kids generally just see the select few that are on the mantle or piano, or hanging in the hall or stairway, and the grandchildren almost never get to see them. Well, the 21st Century has arrived.


{Video Tape to DVD transfering.}

{Scan Slides or negatives  into a digital format.}